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Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux in 1986, Hélène Broutschert starts holding exhibitions in France then in Great-Britain where she moves in 1988.


Her passion for landscapes, drawing and writing nourishes her black and white photographic work.


The late eighties constitute a turning point in her career when she takes some distance from traditional photography.  She works towards a more experimental kind of photography.

Her interest and pleasure in "making a picture" in the darkroom favour an endless research on new techniques within the landscape themes.


The images she creates are essentially centred on various interactions between reality and imagination, black and white, text and picture.

The images are either revealed or erased and explore the thin line where these two territories meet and intermingle. Hence a constant questioning of this particular aspect of photography and exploration of the image.


Her work is very graphic and always presented in a poetic kind of way.

Each picture can be seen as a poem in itself or as a "photographic haiku" as she describes it.


Her photographic images have been exhibited nationaly and internationaly.

She has won  third prize at the European Contemporary Research in Photography in Royan in 1992 and first prize in the black and white category at the French National Salon in Argentan in 1994.

Her work has been broadcast in France and in Great-Britain.


After living 17 years in Cardiff (U.K), she has moved to the South West of France where her studio is now based.

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